OSY Group, an innovator in food technology, has received a five-figure grant from Innovate UK under its Global Explorers Programme to support its international expansion. This funding aims to enhance the global footprint of Xtend, OSY Group’s antimicrobial packaging coating which significantly extends the shelf-life of fresh produce. OSY Group is targeting multiple international markets including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region. With this fresh capital, the company plans to advance R&D projects and explore new markets and climates for the versatile technology. OSY Group has already proved the efficacy and regulatory compliance of Xtend in the UK and is now set to introduce it globally. The Manchester-based company has previously secured £1 million from individual investors, bringing Innovate UK’s total support to over £500,000. According to Marc Braterman, CEO of OSY Group, Xtend addresses the critical issue of food waste, which contributes substantially to global greenhouse gas emissions. The company aims to test the product’s viability in various markets and extend its applications to meats, fish, poultry, and bakery items.

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