Lexipol, the industry leader in policy, training, and wellness support for public safety, has acquired LEFTA Systems, a keystone provider of field training and performance reporting software. This acquisition serves as a significant milestone in Lexipol’s continued effort to integrate holistic performance management solutions for law enforcement agencies. Lexipol CEO Bill Nunan emphasized that the combination of Lexipol’s expertise with LEFTA’s data analytics tools will enable unprecedented visibility into trends, insights, and risks, setting a new benchmark for performance excellence in the public safety sector. LEFTA Systems CEO Bryan Selzer echoed this sentiment, highlighting the enhanced ability to utilize comprehensive data to provide actionable insights for law enforcement leaders. Lexipol Co-Founder Gordon Graham sees this acquisition aligning perfectly with the company’s founding vision of standardizing and elevating public safety performance. Founded in 2003, Lexipol has consistently aimed to ensure the well-being and effectiveness of public safety professionals. LEFTA Systems, established in 2006, has grown to serve over 600 agencies, providing advanced tools and software to various levels of government. Both companies are poised to offer a comprehensive solution to better equip public safety personnel across their careers.

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