Command Alkon, a global leader in software and solutions for the heavy building materials industry, has announced the acquisition of Marcotte Systems. This strategic move includes the integration of all Marcotte products and employees into Command Alkon. The acquisition aims to enhance the industry through next-generation Cloud applications and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Joel Bardier, CEO of Marcotte Systems, highlights that this integration will drive fully automated plant solutions. Command Alkon has committed significant investments to its Command Cloud platform and service innovations. This deal is poised to elevate operational efficiency and environmental stewardship. In addition, Marcotte’s renowned plant automation products like Marcotte Batch and Mintelligent will bolster Command Alkon’s technology portfolio. Martin Willoughby, CEO of Command Alkon, and Ranjeev Teelock, Chief Product Officer, emphasize that this acquisition underscores their commitment to innovation, customer service, and sustainability. The integration will ensure continuity and leverage deep industry expertise, ultimately delivering superior value to global customers.

Software and Technology, Heavy Building Materials,United States, Canada