Andera Partners, along with a robust syndicate of investors, has co-led a €63 million Series A financing round for SciRhom, a Munich-based biopharmaceutical company. SciRhom is pioneering the development of iRhom2-targeting antibodies to treat autoimmune diseases. The financing sees participation from established investors like Wellington Partners, MIG Capital, and new entrants Bayern Kapital. The funds will advance SciRhom’s lead candidate SR-878 to clinical proof-of-concept, marking a pivotal moment in autoimmune therapeutics. The company’s innovative approach addresses the TACE/ADAM17 pathway, potentially improving treatments for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. The first clinical studies will commence in Austria by late 2024.

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Andera Partners co-leads a €63 million Series A round for Munich-based autoimmune biotech SciRhom