LG Electronics recently acquired an 80% stake in Athom, a smart home platform company based in Enschede, Netherlands. With plans to acquire the remaining 20% within three years, this strategic move is aimed at enhancing LG’s position in the AI-driven home innovation space. By integrating Athom’s connectivity solutions with LG’s AI-enabled ThinQ platform, LG aspires to create a generative AI home that understands and adapitates to customer behavior. The acquisition also aims to expand AI-home experiences to commercial and mobility environments, realizing the concept of ‘Intelligent Space.’ Athom’s Homey, an independent smart home hub, already supports extensive device connectivity and boasts a growing marketplace of over 1,000 applications. LG’s move is part of a broader strategy to transition to a platform-based business, indicative of its pivot from hardware to integrated software solutions. This acquisition, along with LG’s existing technological assets like the ThinQ platform and Alphonso, positions the company as a future leader in intelligent space solutions. Market research suggests that the global smart home market is poised for significant growth, further justifying LG’s aggressive investment. LG Electronics aims to incorporate third-party devices, gain deeper insights into customer usage patterns, and deliver more personalized services, ultimately aspiring to become a ‘Smart Life Solution Company.’

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