LAGO Innovation Fund has announced a $10 million investment in G.O.A.T. Foods, a family-owned company disrupting the snack, confectionery, and baked goods markets. G.O.A.T. Foods operates various online platforms like and, providing high-quality, curated products. The investment is expected to further bolster G.O.A.T. Foods’ growth and expand its product categories. Heather La Freniere, Co-Founder of LAGO, highlighted the company’s rapid growth and customer-centric approach. The sector, bolstered by industry reports, shows promising growth opportunities driven by high holiday sales and consumer demand. G.O.A.T. Foods co-founder Jonathan Packer expressed excitement about the partnership with LAGO, emphasizing the company’s DTC model. LAGO specializes in funding high-growth disruptor companies across various sectors, aiming to provide longer-term capital to enhance market penetration.

Private Equity, Snack and Confectionery,USA