Agricultural biotech firm Moa Technology has signed a significant research and commercial partnership with global agricultural innovator Nufarm, based in Melbourne, Australia. Under the agreement, Moa will provide Nufarm exclusive access to a new mode of action herbicide currently in field trials in the US, UK, France, and Spain. Moa, spun out from Oxford University in 2017, has developed a breakthrough platform that has already screened over 750,000 compounds, discovering 60 promising novel modes of action areas. The partnership will see Nufarm leading the final development and go-to-market phases, while Moa will receive upfront, milestone, and royalty payments. The collaboration aims to combat the global weed resistance issue, providing farmers with new, safe, and effective solutions. Moa CEO Dr. Virginia Corless emphasized the validation of their innovative approach, while Nufarm highlighted the importance of addressing resistant weeds threatening crop yields worldwide.

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