Unacademy’s Co-founder and CEO, Gaurav Munjal, has denied rumors of a potential merger or acquisition following significant layoffs at the edtech firm. In a social media post, Munjal emphasized that despite recent challenges, including the layoff of approximately 250 employees, Unacademy is on track for its best year in terms of growth and profitability. The company remains committed to long-term growth, Munjal stated. Reports suggest that Unacademy has approached several educational coaching companies, including Allen, Physics Wallah, and K12 Techno, possibly for future partnerships. TechCrunch sources indicated that recent layoffs will affect 100 employees in marketing, business, and product areas, and another 150 in sales. Since mid-2022, the total number of job cuts at Unacademy has reached around 2,000. The narrative also touches on Munjal’s opinions regarding Byju’s CEO Byju Raveendran, critiquing his leadership style and suggesting the importance of heeding feedback.

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