Squirro, a Swiss-headquartered SaaS provider specializing in enterprise generative AI, search, and business insights, has announced its acquisition of Synaptica, a US-based company known for its enterprise taxonomy management and knowledge graph systems. The strategic acquisition aims to integrate Synaptica’s semantic graph technology with Squirro’s generative AI functionalities, creating a robust platform for knowledge discovery, conversational search, and business process automation. The fusion of these technologies enhances the accuracy and completeness of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) processes and automates business operations using enriched metadata and semantic associations. This key milestone in AI-driven knowledge management positions both companies at the forefront of rapid innovation in this evolving sector. The announcement also highlights the appointment of Synaptica’s co-founder, Dave Clarke, to Squirro’s leadership team as Executive Vice President of Semantic Graph Technology.

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