Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (SGTM), an over-the-counter company specializing in environmental health and sustainable practices, announced the acquisition of Regen Hubs, including its affiliates and related entities. The acquisition, finalized on July 1, 2024, brings significant assets and expertise in improving soil health and reducing chemical usage in agriculture through advanced technology. SGTM intends to leverage Regen Hubs’ extensive networks and professional expertise to enhance their product distribution across diverse sectors such as the military, NASA, government bodies, universities, and agricultural markets in the U.S., Africa, Mexico, and Panama. This acquisition is deemed a strategic move designed to grow SGTM’s consolidated operations and expand its reach in the global market. The management, including CEO Tony Raynor, anticipates raising up to $100 million in investment capital to expedite operations and drive global growth. The integration aims to establish SGTM as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices by leveraging Regen Hubs’ connections with major retail networks and partnerships. Both teams are working on a comprehensive plan to accelerate their product suite’s market reach, focusing on environmental restoration and food security.

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