Heidelberg Epignostix GmbH, a deeptech start-up focused on precision cancer diagnostics, has raised €4.3 million in seed funding. The investment was led by CARMA FUND I Capital GmbH & Co KG, with participation from High-Tech Grunderfonds, LBBW Venture Capital GmbH, and Start-up BW Seed Fonds. The funding will enable Heidelberg Epignostix to advance its brain tumor classifier technology, which combines epigenetics with AI-powered bioinformatics for accurate cancer classification. The company’s technology has benefited from over a decade of intensive research conducted at prominent German institutions, including the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Heidelberg University. The lead product, the Heidelberg Brain Tumor Classifier, is slated for market launch as an approved diagnostic test in 2025. This technology is aligned with WHO guidelines that now recommend methylation-based tumor classification for better clinical care. The article includes insights from various stakeholders, highlighting the importance and potential of this technology in transforming cancer diagnostics.

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