Erin Platts, formerly the CEO of HSBC Innovation Banking UK, has been appointed the new CEO of Octopus Ventures. Platts’ transition to Octopus Ventures marks the conclusion of her two-decade tenure with Silicon Valley Bank’s UK division, which HSBC acquired last year. Under HSBC’s stewardship, Platts led the startup and venture capital-focused business, safeguarding the British tech sector from potential disruption. She will remain in her current role until the year’s end, assisting in the succession process before joining Octopus Ventures in January 2025. Platts highlights her long-standing collaboration with Octopus Ventures and their shared values as the driving forces behind her decision. Her mission at Octopus will focus on expanding startup support across the UK and Europe. Alliott Cole, the current CEO of Octopus Ventures, will revert to a full-time investment role. Simon Rogerson, co-founder and CEO of Octopus Group, lauds Platts for her capabilities to guide Octopus Ventures into its growth phase.

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Octopus Ventures poaches HSBC Innovation Banking CEO