Gimv, a private equity firm, has announced its strategic investment in Curana, a prominent developer and manufacturer of high-end bicycle components based in Ardooie, Belgium. Curana, recognized for its innovation and design prowess in fenders, chain guards, and dress guards, aims to professionalize its organization and spearhead its international growth strategy in collaboration with Gimv. This move follows the untimely passing of Curana’s owner, Dirk Vens, with the investment focusing on continuing his legacy. Jean-Charles Malherbe, the newly appointed CEO, alongside Gimv’s support, aims to drive Curana’s next growth phase, leveraging its reputation for high-quality and custom-built solutions in the bicycle industry. David De Peuter, Partner at Gimv Consumer, emphasized Curana’s alignment with Gimv’s consumer investment strategy and highlighted the promising prospects of the bicycle industry driven by sustainable mobility trends.

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