Azora, in conjunction with Core Capital, has inaugurated the Quetta Data Centers platform, marking its foray into the Iberian data centers market with over €500 million investment. This strategic venture aims to establish six sophisticated ‘Edge’ data centers in key Spanish and Portuguese locales including Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon, with an aggregate data capacity above 60 MW. These green facilities will be powered entirely by renewable energy and will boast exceptional energy efficiency with a noteworthy PUE below 1.15. Quetta is tailored for customers with intensive data requirements such as content providers and gaming industries, providing them with low latency to efficiently manage their high data traffic. The decision to enter this sector is driven by the anticipated surge in demand for data centers, propelled by integral changes in data consumption patterns across businesses and social structures. The platform capitalizes on the Iberian Peninsula’s geographic advantages, renewable energy access, and connectivity infrastructure. The project has already initiated with Madrid’s Tres Cantos center construction underway and advanced negotiations for additional site acquisitions and build-out plans. Santiago Olivares, the investment lead at Azora, underscores this initiative as an alignment with their sustainable infrastructure investment strategy, leveraging their real estate and asset management expertise. Paco González, the CEO of Quetta, accentuates the novel offering’s alignment with the data-centric needs of the future while integrating into the current market landscape.

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