WakeCap, a leading IoT platform for construction management, has acquired Crews by Core, an AI-driven project delivery platform. The integration of Crews by Core’s technology will allow WakeCap to offer a more comprehensive suite of tools for construction megaprojects globally. By adding capabilities for lookahead scheduling, financial risk assessment, and enhanced communication, this acquisition aims to tackle inefficiencies prevalent in the $12 trillion global construction industry. WakeCap will also establish a new R&D headquarters in Silicon Valley to bolster its standing as a global tech leader in the construction sector. This merger signifies a significant step in unifying IoT and AI solutions to optimize construction site operations, ensuring safer, more efficient execution of large-scale projects. Customers such as Saudi Aramco and Apex Building Group stand to benefit from these enhanced capabilities, though the acquisition price remains undisclosed.

Construction Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI),United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, United Arab Emirates