Dioseve Inc., a Tokyo-based firm specializing in assisted reproductive technology using oocytes derived from iPS cells, has successfully raised $7 million in a funding round. This was accomplished via a third-party allotment of shares to six venture and corporate venture capital firms, including lead investors Spiral Capital and Archetype Ventures. Other investors included DG Daiwa Ventures, Future Venture Capital (ASKA Innovation Fund), QR Investment (Hokuriku Regional Venture Fund), and existing investors such as ANRI and ASKA Pharmaceutical. The funding aims to fuel research and development and support workforce expansion as the company sets its sights on global markets. Dioseve’s innovative DIOLs technology seeks to revolutionize infertility treatment by producing oocytes cheaply and efficiently, aiming to lift the age constraints on reproduction. The company has collected approximately $10 million in total funding to date.

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