In an effort to bolster the agribusiness sector in Italy, IDeA Agro, managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds, has acquired a majority stake in S.P.O. Zentrum, a leading Sicilian agro-produce company specializing in citrus fruits. With a consolidated revenue of over €20 million and a 10% annual growth rate in the past five years, S.P.O. Zentrum operates a vertically integrated business model encompassing production, packaging, and distribution. This investment aims to enhance the company’s sustainable farming practices and expand its logistics and commercial platforms across the nation. IDeA Agro’s Managing Director, Pier Luigi Rossi, and S.P.O. Zentrum’s CEO, Giacomo Rizzo, both express optimism about the collaboration, highlighting the potential for becoming a national leader in the produce sector. The deal involves comprehensive ESG criteria to promote environmental sustainability and social development in Sicily.

Agribusiness, Private Equity,Italy, Sicily

IDeA Agro acquisisce la maggioranza del gruppo S.P.O. Zentrum, leader nella produzione e distribuzione di agrumi siciliani per supportarne il percorso di crescita