Pi Labs has announced the successful completion of its 2024 Growth Programme cohort, with participating start-ups securing a total of $7.5 million in seed and pre-seed funding. The funding, sourced from a variety of angel investors and venture capitalists, will enable these start-ups to accelerate their product development, expand their teams, and strategically enter new markets. Through a rigorous selection process that reviewed over 1,000 applications, five promising companies were chosen based on their strong founding teams, global scalability potential, and ability to build difficult-to-replicate proprietary deeptech. The selected start-ups include Pathways, Genia, Kestrix, Sorair, and another undisclosed company. These companies cover a wide range of innovative solutions, from AI-driven sustainability platforms and generative design for construction engineering to drone technology for energy audits and autonomous surveillance systems for the logistics sector. The thematic focus of this cohort aligns with Pi Labs’ mission to support founders creating a digital and sustainable built world.

Venture Capital, Technology, Real Estate,European Union