Funnel, a marketing intelligence platform, has announced its acquisition of the marketing measurement firm Adtriba. This acquisition combines Funnel’s data collection and analysis capabilities with Adtriba’s advanced machine-learning measurement tools, which have been utilized by major brands like Adidas and Sony. Such an integration aims to elevate Funnel’s product offerings by providing a comprehensive marketing analytics and Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM) solution.

The acquisition is strategic as it comes at a time when collecting, analyzing, and measuring marketing data from various channels is growing increasingly complex. Customers of Funnel will now benefit from an integrated measurement technology that enables accurate tracking of budgetary spend and campaign ROI through an AI-powered model that incorporates marketing mix modelling (MMM), multi-touch attribution (MTA), and incrementality testing methodologies.

The marketing attribution software market, valued at $3.1 billion in 2021, is projected to reach $12.9 billion by 2031 owing to advancements in cloud computing and AI-powered solutions. Funnel’s growth and reputation have been solidified by their proprietary Data Hub, which integrates data from numerous marketing platforms into a user-friendly dashboard.

Adtriba, headquartered in Hamburg and founded in 2015, currently employs 18 individuals and has provided marketing measurement and optimization services to multinational companies. The full integration of Adtriba’s software into Funnel’s platform is expected by fall, combining MMM, MTA, and incrementality testing methodologies for accurate marketing activity measurement. Following the acquisition, both companies will maintain their operational bases in Sweden and Germany. Adtriba’s employees will contribute to Funnel’s product team, and current customers of both companies will continue receiving services without any disruption.

The integration aims to make holistic marketing measurement faster, affordable, and more accurate, overcoming the challenges of third-party cookie restrictions, privacy, and data collection limitations on iOS and Android. This strategic move marks a significant enhancement of Funnel’s Marketing Intelligence platform, establishing it as a comprehensive market leader.

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