Dappier, an early-stage startup led by co-founder and CEO Dan Goikhman, has announced a successful $2 million seed funding round led by Silverton Partners. Dappier aims to provide a solution for publishers to monetize their content in the emerging AI ecosystem. Using a marketplace model, Dappier enables publishers to set a price for the use of their content in model training, bridging a critical gap for media companies who are currently struggling to monetize their digital assets amid increasing content scraping by AI systems like OpenAI. Publishers can connect via an RSS feed to the Dappier platform and utilize the system to build models using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). Once the models are built, publishers can sell access to these models in the marketplace similar to setting ad rates, or exploit other monetization strategies, such as AI-enhanced search engines. The innovative approach is expected to help particularly smaller media entities and newsletter publishers diversify their revenue streams.

Artificial Intelligence, Media & Publishing, Venture Capital,United States

Dappier is building a marketplace for publishers to sell their content to LLM builders