Ava Protocol, a web3 automation platform, has recently acquired Openstory, a blockchain data startup specializing in on-chain data and analytics. The acquisition will enable Ava Protocol to enhance its real-time data streaming and analytics capabilities, thereby improving its automation functionalities for blockchain applications. Although the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, it is known that the transaction was financed through a combination of cash and Ava Protocol’s upcoming AP tokens. Furthermore, Vinh Nguyen, founder of Openstory, has joined Ava Protocol as a systems architect. Founded in 2021 and initially focusing on the Polkadot blockchain, Ava Protocol has rebranded to reflect its broader vision of supporting multiple blockchains. It is set to launch on the Ethereum mainnet within the next three weeks and will introduce its AP token in 2-3 months. With significant financial support totaling $10 million from investors such as Electric Capital, GSR, and Greylock Partners, Ava Protocol is well-positioned for growth and innovation. The company aims to empower developers to automate various blockchain tasks, thus playing a pivotal role in the future of blockchain automation.

Blockchain, Financial Technology,United States