Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are transformative business processes that can drastically reshape companies and industries. Despite their high stakes, the majority of M&A deals—between 70% to 90%—fail, often due to personnel conflicts, financial disputes, and regulatory challenges. Kristin Naragon, Chief Strategy Officer, emphasizes the intricate nature of M&As, drawing from her experiences at Adobe and other recent acquisitions. While the M&A market has been slow in recent years, PwC experts predict a significant upturn beginning in 2024, driven by improved economic conditions and other factors. M&A can accelerate growth, especially in tech where it helps expand product offerings and market reach. However, the success of such deals relies heavily on clear strategic objectives, cultural fit, and balanced organic and inorganic growth. Naragon advises incorporating trial-run strategies through aligned partnerships to gauge potential acquisitions. Also crucial is the transparent management of roles and expectations, with strong executive buy-in to ensure long-term success.

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