ULEMCo, a Liverpool-based company specializing in converting commercial vehicles to run on hydrogen fuel, has successfully secured over £5 million in a funding round led by Mercia Ventures. This investment will not only enable ULEMCo to grow its team and develop new hydrogen-based products but also create 100 new jobs across the UK over the next three to five years. Founded by cleantech expert Amanda Lyne, ULEMCo’s dual fuel solutions allow heavy-duty vehicles to reduce carbon emissions without entirely replacing their fleets. This technology is particularly beneficial for vehicles like refuse trucks and road sweepers. The initiative has garnered significant demand from businesses and local authorities, especially in Scotland. The investment is seen as a strong endorsement of ULEMCo’s vision to make hydrogen a key player in achieving net-zero emissions.

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Company that converts heavy duty vehicles to hydrogen raises over £5m