Against a backdrop of strong growth in demand for renewable energy, Solutions30 has acquired a 10% stake in So-Tec, a company specializing in the construction of photovoltaic power plants. This strategic investment will enable Solutions30 to become a majority shareholder within the next five years, ultimately aiming to control 100% of So-Tec’s capital. Based near Montpellier, So-Tec is regarded as a leading expert in the photovoltaic sector with annual sales exceeding 20 million euros. By partnering, Solutions30 and So-Tec aim to offer a comprehensive ‘Made in France’ solution, leveraging their combined 30 years of expertise to optimize project management across the entire value chain. Solutions30 plans to double its sales from the photovoltaic sector to 40 million euros by 2024, while So-Tec will start contributing to the group’s revenue from 2025. To accommodate this growth, Solutions30 intends to expand its operations across France, create commercial synergies, and recruit 50 new employees by 2024. This move is seen as a major milestone for Solutions30, reinforcing its ambition to become a market leader in the French photovoltaic sector.

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