Smart city technology company VivaCity has named Anna Keren as their new chief technology officer, a strategic move as the firm seeks to scale its international presence and advance its Smart Road Safety products. Keren’s appointment follows her previous high-profile roles at Thirdfort, ComplyAdvantage, and Babylon Health, signaling VivaCity’s dedication to drawing top-tier tech leadership to its team. Co-founder Yang Lu transitions from his CTO role to a focus on deep technology challenges within the company. CEO Mark Nicholson expresses confidence in Keren’s ability to propel the company’s tech advancement. The tech sector veteran steps into her role with enthusiasm for VivaCity’s trajectory and its emphasis on producing sustainable and efficient urban transportation solutions. As part of the UK’s leading transport technology innovators in 2023, VivaCity’s leadership shuffle underpins its commitment to improving transport technology in an era of urban expansion and digital transformation.

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Anna Keren named CTO at VivaCity