Allozymes, an emerging leader in enzyme discovery and engineering, has recently closed a $15 million Series A funding round led by Seventure Partners and Xora Innovation, paving the way for its expansion in Europe and strategic partnerships in multiple industries. Armed with a unique microfluidic platform for ultra-high-throughput enzyme screening, Allozymes boasts the capability to analyze over 20 million enzyme variants daily, significantly improving the odds of developing custom enzymes. With this platform, Allozymes stands out for its advanced enzyme sorting and detection that matches enzyme candidates to industrial requirements, bypassing traditional discovery bottlenecks. The infusion of capital will bolster global expansion, enhance the in-house platform for complete enzyme development, and stimulate vertical expansion through co-development with pharmaceutical and life science partners. Additionally, the funding will support building the most extensive enzyme data library, utilizing AI and ML for predictive novel biocatalytic solutions. This milestone funding round featured new investors such as NUS Technology Holdings and Thia Ventures, with continued support from earlier backers SOSV and Entrepreneur First. It reflects confidence in Allozymes’ potential to democratize enzymatic solutions leveraging its platform, which originated at the National University of Singapore. The new funds will drive Allozymes’ mission to catalyze innovation across industries with sustainable and efficient processes, positioning the company as a global leader in enzyme technology and fostering a more resource-conscious future.

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