Accel, the prominent Silicon Valley-based private equity firm known for its investments in successful tech companies like Monzo, GoCardless, and Synthesia, has recently announced the creation of a new $650 million fund to support early-stage European startups. The unveiling of this fund, which represents the eighth for Accel in Europe, underscores the firm’s confidence in the region’s potential to produce global, category-defining companies. Partner Harry Nelis highlighted Accel’s long-standing belief that European and Israeli entrepreneurs possess the ambition and vision necessary to build major players in the technology industry. He cited the sectors of AI, cybersecurity, fintech, and the modern data stack as areas where Europe particularly excels. This deep trust in the region’s capabilities stems from more than two decades of Accel’s active involvement, which has allowed the firm to cultivate extensive networks and gain profound regional insights. Accel’s European operations are conducted out of their London office, established back in 2000, signifying a strategic foothold in the region. Recent prominent investments by Accel in UK companies include a £17 million Series A for elderly care platform Lottie, a £71.4 million Series C for AI avatar enterprise Synthesia, and a £22.5 million funding for the payments start-up Super, the latter founded by Samir Desai whose earlier enterprise Funding Circle also received support from Accel. These investments demonstrate Accel’s active role in fostering the growth and development of innovative technology firms in the UK and wider European market.

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Monzo and Synthesia backer Accel raises £520m early-stage fund