EMV Capital, a venture capital firm with a focus on deep tech and life sciences, has publicly announced its appointment as the investment manager for Martlet Capital, a seed-stage venture firm based in Cambridge’s renowned high-tech hub. As part of the agreement, EMV Capital has also acquired the operational venture capital business of Martlet Capital, aside from its existing investment portfolio, consolidating EMV’s assets under management by an additional approximately £23.3 million. The portfolio comprises 53 companies. EMV Capital, under the umbrella of its parent company NetScientific PLC, previously invested in Martlet Capital’s initial fundraising round in 2021, laying the groundwork for a strengthened relationship. The transaction now provides EMV Capital with a broader spectrum of experts within the deep tech and life sciences sectors, a significant increment in capital under advisory, recurring management fees for at least four years, and the prestigious Martlet brand deeply integrated into the Cambridge high-tech cluster. Looking ahead, EMV Capital reveals intentions to launch two new funds under the Martlet brand – Martlet Capital Fund II and Martlet Growth Fund – aimed at bolstering Martlet’s investment policy with follow-on investment opportunities. Martlet’s team and portfolio will, in exchange, benefit from EMV’s strategic active portfolio management approach, its corporate finance expertise, as well as from its Value Creation Services practice that supports company growth. The transaction signifies a critical step in the ambition of the EMV Capital group to be a significant player in venture capital across the UK and Europe, according to Dr. Ilian Iliev, MD of EMV Capital. Robert Marshall, Founder of Martlet Capital, has reflected positively on the transaction, asserting the strategic alliance will deliver key advantages and opportunities for portfolio firms to succeed in the current competitive ecosystem.

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EMV Capital appointed investment manager of Martlet Capital and acquisition of Martlet Capital operational business