Generational Group, a leading consultancy specializing in mergers and acquisitions services for privately held companies, has facilitated the sale of their client, Kosmos Q, LLC, to L2 Capital, a private equity firm. The successful transaction between these two companies was officially completed and announced on May 3, 2024. Generational Group played a pivotal role in structuring and negotiating the deal, enhancing the value of Kosmos Q and finding a compatible equity firm that aligns with Kosmos Q’s strategic growth objectives. L2 Capital’s acquisition indicates a strategic move to diversify and strengthen its portfolio with Kosmos Q’s robust suite of products and market position. The sale is part of a broader trend in private equity where firms actively seek to invest in companies like Kosmos Q, LLC, known for their strong brand presence and potential for growth within their respective industries.

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Generational Group Advises Kosmos Q in its Sale to L2 Capital