Elbi of America, a prominent water tank manufacturer since 1990, has successfully acquired NDA, a specialty wholesale distributor with a rich history dating back to 1976 in the appliance installation parts industry. With this acquisition, Elbi of America, which boasts a portfolio of brands like Arrow Industries, BackStop, DuraTrac, and Chester Paul Company, further enhances its standing in the appliance installation sector and enriches its product offerings. The transaction is a strategic move that consolidates the companies’ strengths and drastically improves Elbi’s distribution capabilities through NDA’s network across North America, with centers in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. This expansion promises an augmented inventory supply chain and aims to boost the customer and vendor relations quality. Elbi of America extends a warm welcome to NDA’s customers and vendors as it ushers in a new chapter of growth and market presence within its segment.

Manufacturing – Appliances & Components, Wholesale – Industrial Goods,North America – United States