Avaya, a global leader in customer experience and communications solutions, has announced the acquisition of Edify, a company specializing in connecting businesses with customers and facilitating internal communications. The acquisition brings Edify’s AI-powered customer journey orchestration and workflow capabilities into Avaya’s umbrella, enhancing the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) with advanced functionalities. Edify’s flagship product, Edify CX, is a no-code cloud-native solution that uniquely combines contact center services (CCaaS) and real-time communications platform features (CPaaS/API). The integration of Edify’s offerings will allow businesses using AXP to rapidly develop and deploy workflows designed to improve customer interaction, making enterprise customer experiences as straightforward as personal ones. Alan Masarek, CEO of Avaya, has stated that the acquisition reaffirms Avaya’s position as the innovation leader in customer experience solutions and demonstrates their commitment to enriching the Avaya Experience Platform with new capabilities and value. The legal representation for the transaction was provided by the law firm Orrick, although the terms of the deal were not publicly disclosed.

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