The Board of Directors of 2i Rete Gas SpA, a prominent player in the Italian gas distribution sector, has given the go-ahead for a preliminary process targeting the company’s listing on Euronext Milan, marking a potential pivot in the firm’s strategic direction aimed at enhancing shareholder value. This comes amid news that F2I-Fondi Italiani per le Infrastrutture (F2i Sgr) alongside investment partners Ardian and APG Asset Management, holding their interest through Finavias S.a.r.l., have provided exclusivity to Italgas regarding a proposal for the acquisition of 100% ownership stake in 2i Rete Gas. The move signifies a significant development in the consolidation of the infrastructure sector in Italy and highlights the dynamic environment of deals and listings shaping the industry. The possible listing on Euronext Milan would introduce public market investors to one of Italy’s critical infrastructure entities, potentially yielding increased liquidity and visibility, while the acquisition offer by Italgas reflects strategic investments driven by established actors like F2I Sgr in the infrastructure and utilities space. This development can reshape the competitive landscape, with implications for investors, employees, and consumers who rely on 2i Rete Gas’s services.

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