Zinzino AB, a Scandinavian health and wellness company, has significantly enhanced its global footprint with the strategic acquisition of assets from Xelliss, a direct sales company based in Luxembourg. Through this business asset acquisition, Zinzino gains the distributor database, customer register, inventory, and intellectual property of Xelliss. The latter is known for its natural and innovative wellness, nutrition, and cosmetic products centered around the microalgae spirulina, cultivated in-house. This acquisition represents a further step in Zinzino’s expansion strategy, which aims to promote personal health and well-being through biotechnology and direct sales. Zinzino’s prior acquisitions, including VMA Life in 2020 and Enhanzz in 2022, along with strategic cooperation with ACN beginning in 2024, have paved the way for this new growth avenue. Zinzino’s CEO, Dag Bergheim Pettersen, along with Jean-Michel LarrĂ© of Xellis, envisages individualized advising and tailored solutions as the way forward for the health and wellness sector. Zinzino’s acquisition, which includes Xelliss’s distributor organization, is expected to strengthen its market position, particularly after recording a turnover of approximately 8 million EUR last year. The transaction is forecasted to generate considerable growth through synergies within the combined networks. Zinzino will initially pay 2 million EUR, split between cash and new Zinzino shares, followed by conditional additional payments tied to sales performance over five years, potentially reaching up to 8.0 million EUR and to be settled in new shares. Zinzino finances the cash portion of the initial purchase price from its reserves. The acquisition is expected to enhance profitability through efficient use of Zinzino’s technical platforms and organizational structures. This consolidation within the health and wellness sphere will enable Zinzino to bolster its distribution abilities and venture into new markets, fostering an innovative consumer experience.

Health and Wellness, Direct Sales,Luxembourg, Sweden