Calian Group Ltd. has officially announced the acquisition of U.K.-based Mabway for a sum up to CAD$41M, with an immediate closing cost of CAD$32.4M. Mabway is recognized for its specialized services in managing large-scale defense role-playing environments and technical education for naval and maritime sectors, holding a key supplier status with the British Army since 2012. The acquisition is set to amplify Calian’s capabilities in the military training and simulation sector, aligning with the intent to grow as an essential training partner in high-stakes environments. This deal accentuates Calian’s existing European footprint, enhancing its suite of solutions and access to a broader market. CEO Kevin Ford views this move as an opportunity to leverage and integrate the strengths of both organizations, poised to benefit from U.K.’s upcoming defense spending increase to 2.5% of GDP by 2030. Don Whitty, President of Learning at Calian, anticipates the incorporation of Mabway’s expertise to boost the company’s global training and delivery partner ambition. Mabway’s co-owner, Mark O’Reilly, has expressed enthusiasm for uniting with Calian, emphasizing compatibility in corporate culture and shared values. Calian, a well-established entity with over 40 years in the industry, specializes in healthcare, communications, learning, and cybersecurity, and this acquisition is an exemplar of its strategic vision and customer commitment, further growing its international presence.

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