LPL Financial, one of the largest independent broker-dealers in the United States, has closed its acquisition of Crown Capital Securities but has reported a significant decline in assets from the initially announced figures. Upon announcement, Crown Capital was reported to have $6.5 billion in AUM with 260 advisors. However, upon closure of the deal, only $1.3 billion in assets and 125 advisors transitioned to LPL, with expectations of an additional $3.7 billion to migrate eventually. The reasons behind the lower figures have not been commented on by LPL, but industry experts suggest that advisor attrition is not uncommon in mergers, with advisors evaluating their best fit post-transition. Diamond Consultants note that LPL has developed an effective playbook for acquisitions, backed by their industry-high net advisor addition numbers. Despite the dip in profits due to acquisition expenses, LPL’s CEO, Dan Arnold, emphasizes the importance of a seamless transition for advisors and delivering exceptional experience as a growth strategy. This approach has proved successful, as demonstrated by the high number of net advisor gains. However, with recent acquisition activity, experts suggest LPL may slow down its aggressive buying spree to consolidate its recent gains, although they remain open to opportune deals. The wealth management industry continues to see significant M&A activity, with the biggest firms wielding substantial control over the market. The importance of effectively integrating operations to avoid negative impacts on advisor retention is highlighted as a critical factor in successful mergers and acquisitions in this sector.

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