FTUK, a leading Funded Proprietary Trading Firm that specializes in foreign exchange (forex) education and growth opportunities for brokers, has recently expanded its horizons with a strategic acquisition facilitated by Website Closers. The partnership embarks FTUK on a journey to enhance its unique community-driven model that propels brokers of various proficiencies towards greater financial achievements. Negedet Gafer, the founding visionary of FTUK, heralded this development as a prelude to exploring novel strategies and deeper insights, aimed at elevating the firm’s community to unprecedented levels. An integral factor to this evolution is FTUK’s comprehensive program renowned for aiding brokers in their financial pursuits through profitable scaling methods. The acquisition further asserts FTUK’s dedication to innovation and superior quality in the ever-changing forex market. Jeff Hanson from Website Closers, an established business brokerage, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this deal. He praised FTUK’s collaborative ethos and voiced high expectations for the opportunities that the acquisition will unveil for the global broker community. What lies ahead for FTUK is a promise of bolstered growth and the continued contribution to the evolving foreign exchange landscape. Website Closers, known for its stature as the preeminent full-service Tech & Internet Mergers & Acquisitions Brokerage, stands behind this transaction with its commitment to facilitating M&A services for diverse private companies, ranging from small-scale firms to billion-dollar enterprises, encompassing technology, software, internet, eCommerce, Amazon, and other digital domains.

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