Grosvenor Group Ltd. through its Grosvenor Food & AgTech division has led a significant $100 million investment round for Meati Foods, a company known for its innovative use of mushroom root (mycelium) to produce meat alternatives. Meati Foods, based in Boulder, Colorado, plans to use these funds to scale up its production and expand its market presence, particularly with its entry into 2,000 Kroger stores, augmenting its availability to over 6,000 stores nationwide. This investment underscores the growing interest and investment in sustainable food alternatives. Katrin Burt, Managing Partner at Grosvenor Food & AgTech, praised Meati’s ability to produce nutritious and resource-efficient protein and announced her new role on Meati’s board of directors. Meati’s products offer high protein and fiber content while being free from cholesterol, positioning them as a healthier alternative to traditional meat.

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