Hexis, a trailblazer in personalized sports nutrition technology, has successfully raised a pre-seed investment of 1.6 million dollars. The funding round attracted APEX, an athlete-backed venture capital firm known for its involvement in tech startups, and Sport Republic, who control multiple significant football clubs including Southampton FC. Hexis’ proprietary Carb Coding system enables athletes to receive dynamic, individualized fuelling plans that adapt in real-time to their workouts, optimizing performance and recovery. The Hexis team, which includes high-caliber professionals like CEO Dr. David Dunne, Dr. Sam Impey, and Professor James Morton, draws from advanced research and experience in elite sports nutrition. With Stephen Moon, former CEO of Science in Sport, joining the board, Hexis focuses on expanding its reach across various sports markets, aiming to establish its leadership in sports technology and athlete performance.

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Southampton FC owners back AI sports nutrition startup