Energy Exemplar, a global pacesetter in energy market simulation software, has finalized its acquisition by Blackstone and Vista Equity Partners. David Wilson, CEO of Energy Exemplar, praised his team for their steadfast dedication and looks forward to harnessing the investment to bolster the company’s SaaS offerings. Vista’s Ryan Atlas believes that software plays an essential role in the global energy transition, and their partnership will develop the company’s growth. Bilal Khan of Blackstone Energy Transition Partners hails the acquisition as a step forward in renewable energy, grid investment, and decarbonization, utilizing Blackstone’s network to supercharge growth. Energy Exemplar prides itself on innovative energy market simulations that aid critical investment decisions globally. Blackstone directs substantial equity toward energy ventures, aiming to create jobs, achieve sustainable performance and deliver cleaner energy. Vista, with assets exceeding $101 billion, focuses on technology-oriented enterprises, embracing technology’s transformative potential for a better future. The transition represents a strategic alignment of interests, promising to enhance Energy Exemplar’s market position and extend its reach in the era of energy transition.

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Blackstone and Vista Equity Partners Complete Acquisition of Energy Exemplar