U.K.-based AI-powered recruitment company Socially Recruited, which utilizes social media platforms to source potential job candidates, has officially announced the acquisition of TJS Education, a consultancy focused on education recruitment. This strategic move is in line with Socially Recruited’s growth and expansion plans, aiming to bolster its presence and expertise in the education sector. Since its inception in 2015, Socially Recruited has been progressively influential, providing services to over 2,500 schools and creating more than 120,000 job ads. The integration of TJS Education into its business is set to enhance Socially Recruited’s offering, facilitating a more robust and specialized approach to recruitment within the education field. The acquisition holds implications for AI’s role in recruitment, as Socially Recruited leverages technology to broaden its reach and improve efficiency in hiring processes. It also underscores the trend towards consolidation within the recruitment industry, as companies seek to diversify their services and strengthen their competitive edge. The announcement has been made through the company statement, although details on the financial aspects and terms of the deal remain undisclosed. However, the merger is expected to generate synergies by combining Socially Recruited’s technological capabilities with TJS Education’s sector-specific experience, thereby driving growth and fostering innovation in the sphere of recruitment.

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