Outcome Capital, an advisory and investment firm with a focus on healthcare and life sciences, has announced the appointment of Stanislav Glezer, MD MBA as Managing Director. This strategic move is set to augment Outcome’s expertise in healthcare innovation, product launch, and commercial strategy, underpinning its commitment to support companies at the cutting edge of healthcare advancements. With a career that spans leadership roles at both biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, Glezer’s wealth of experience in medical sciences and business administration is poised to provide valuable insights and leadership. His addition to the Outcome team aligns with the firm’s goals to guide healthcare-oriented clients through complex transactions and growth initiatives. The firm has established itself as a key player in facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships within the healthcare sector, making frequent appearances in industry discussions and transactions.

Investment Banking & Brokerage, Healthcare Services & Healthcare Technology,Boston, United States

Outcome Capital Continues to Expand with the Addition of Industry Veteran Stanislav Glezer, MD MBA