Heras, a perimeter protection specialist and a portfolio company of Equistone Partners Europe, announced the acquisition of BA-KRO, a German company excelling in the installation and service of high security electronic and mechanical systems for critical infrastructure. This marks a strategic step reflecting the pre-existing long-standing partnership between both entities. Heras, founded in 1952, is a leading European provider offering full-service solutions for both permanent and mobile perimeter protection. With the acquisition, Heras welcomes more than 1,100 employees spread across eight countries and a variety of sectors including construction, government, events, and retail. BA-KRO specializes in the security of sensitive locations, bringing expertise from working on industrial complexes, airports, and diplomatic buildings since its inception in 1997. Emmanuel Rigaux, Heras CEO, emphasizes the mutual respect and trust from years of collaboration with BA-KRO, expecting this merger to enhance service for high-security customers throughout Germany. While Heras presents as a comprehensive security solution provider, BA-KRO brings its project management and installation expertise to the table. With managerial comments from both parties lauding the merger, the synergy is evident. The transaction will not dissolve the BA-KRO brand, which will continue under the Heras banner. The acquisition supports Heras’s ambition, bolstered by Equistone, to consolidate the fragmented European market—a strategy previously evidenced by the acquisition of SER Hegn in 2020 and will likely augment Heras’s growth trajectory.

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