Equispheres Inc., an Ottawa-based materials technology company focusing on metal additive manufacturing, has strengthened its Board of Directors by welcoming Dr. Adrian Keppler, an esteemed figure in the metal 3D printing industry. Kevin Nicholds, CEO of Equispheres, highlighted Keppler’s comprehensive understanding of the business and expressed confidence in Keppler’s vision for the future of metal 3D printing. In his previous role as Managing Director and CEO of EOS, Keppler cultivated deep connections within the metal AM supply chain, enhancing his advisory and board positions across the industry. Keppler is an advocate for engineered materials as a pivotal factor in the cost-effective, widespread adoption of metal AM technologies. His expertise aligns with Equispheres’ mission to optimize high-strength materials for increased efficiency, consistency, and productivity in 3D printing. Equispheres aims to transform the industrialization of additive manufacturing with their innovative materials, which have been proven to boost productivity and slash part costs by up to 80%. Dr. Keppler, who also serves as a Senior Advisor for Digital Manufacturing at H&Z and holds a Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering, is dedicated to scaling metal AM for industrial production through his consultancy, AM Scalation. Keppler’s strategic focus is to establish trust in metal AM by showcasing Equispheres’ technical expertise and measurable results. As Equispheres embarks on expanding their powder production capacity amid this high-growth phase, Keppler’s contribution to the board is expected to be instrumental in supporting their development plans and production programs.

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