Granite Creek Capital Partners has furthered its investment in the animal health sector with Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions’ (VPS) recent acquisition of Diamond Animal Health. This move is backed by a follow-on investment from Granite Creek’s FlexCap II fund. In 2020, Granite Creek acquired VPS, a licensed animal compounding pharmacy that provides support to the veterinary community. Since then, Granite Creek has been instrumental in VPS’s growth, promoting advancements in human resources, product development, and facilities. The acquisition of Diamond—a company specializing in contract manufacturing and research for animal vaccines and pharmaceuticals—is pivotal for VPS as it represents the initial step in a broader strategy to enhance the company’s capabilities and extend its market presence. With their combined strengths, VPS and Diamond are poised to offer a comprehensive array of solutions to veterinarians and to cement their role as key partners to pharmaceutical and biological companies that utilize Diamond’s manufacturing services. The transaction is celebrated by Dean Warras, CEO of both entities, who envisions a diversified product portfolio, expanded research, and accelerated development initiatives as key growth drivers. The synergy between VPS and Diamond’s expertise in pharmacy, chemistry, quality management, and regulatory matters is expected to spur rapid innovation within the company.

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Granite Creek Expands its Animal Health Portfolio with Veterinary Pharmaceutical Solutions’ Acquisition of Diamond Animal Health