Momenta Partners AG has taken a significant step in the domain of Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) by leading the seed round for Composabl — a company poised to redefine industrial processes through autonomous AI and autonomy. Momenta’s commitment is bolstered by contributions from Ridgeline Ventures, Exposition Capital, and Hannah Gray Ventures. This investment rally marks Composabl’s strategic progression in industrial capabilities, focusing on real-time optimization of AI agents for autonomous operations — a domain where industrial process engineers take precedence over data scientists. Co-founded by Kence Anderson, an authority in the autonomous AI space, Composabl aims to democratize the creation and deployment of autonomous agents. These agents are capable of expert-like decision-making in real-time which can revolutionize cyber-physical systems within manufacturing and logistics. Composabl’s technology enables industrial engineers to build autonomy applications through a low-code, no-code interface and guarantees explainable, trustworthy AI. Complementing this mission is Momenta’s Digital Industry Fund III, supported by Advantech, and Fund IV, backed by Rockwell Automation, signaling a joint endeavor to actualize industrial automation and autonomy. Rockwell’s commitment to the advancement of industrial operations converges with Composabl’s vision, hinting at synergistic opportunities. Similarly, Advantech’s acknowledgment of Composabl’s potential signifies a shared perspective on AI-powered operational optimizations, centering on co-creating solutions in manufacturing. Composabl stands out as a San Francisco-based startup that empowers engineers in the industry and exceeds existing automation capabilities, while Rockwell Automation and Advantech embody transformation and innovation within their respective industrial domains.

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