The BuildTec Software Group, backed by Bregal Unternehmerkapital (BU), has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in DigiPara GmbH, a German-based provider of BIM-based elevator design software. DigiPara, which has a 35-year history, specializes in developing software optimized for designing and configuring lifts. Their software supports the entire design lifecycle and facilitates collaboration in the construction industry. The CEO of DigiPara, Andreas Fleischmann, anticipates that the integration will bolster software development, product quality, and customer offerings. The BuildTec Software Group, which seeks to become the leading European platform for innovative construction software, has a history of expansion through acquisitions, having brought on board multiple companies since 2023, including SEMA and DigiPara. The partnership is expected to foster growth, enhance the product portfolio, and open up opportunities for cross-selling to an expanded global customer base. With this acquisition, BuildTec Software Group looks to solidify its market position and harness synergies within the BIM tool arena, as emphasized by CEO Alexander Neuss, who sees BIM as the future of the construction industry.

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