Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) has successfully acquired Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH, previously owned by Leichtmetall Holding GmbH under Quantum Capital Partners GmbH’s management. This marks EGA’s first prominent transaction since its creation from a merger a decade ago. The completed acquisition, which had been announced in March, comes after fulfilling all necessary regulatory and closing conditions. EGA’s new German subsidiary is proficient in producing up to 30 thousand tonnes of billets annually, primarily from secondary aluminum, using renewable energy sources. Leichtmetall’s product range, vital for manufacturing, extends to hard alloys and large-diameter billets. The acquisition complements EGA’s already substantial export volume to Europe, paving the way for an expanded presence in the recycled aluminum market—a sector anticipated to grow significantly because of aluminum’s infinite recyclability and lower energy demands in recycling. EGA’s CEO expresses enthusiasm for the integration and the benefits it brings to Leichtmetall and EGA’s ventures in Europe’s recycling business. Leichtmetall’s CEO, Thomas Witte, also welcomes the merger, anticipating enhanced customer service capability and business development. Market analysts forecast a substantial increase in the demand for recycled aluminum, which is set to contribute significantly to the overall global aluminum supply increase in the coming decades.

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