Daloopa, an AI-driven data provider for the financial sector, recently completed an $18 million Series B funding round led by Touring Capital with contributions from Morgan Stanley and Nexus Venture Partners. CEO Thomas Li highlighted Daloopa’s transition from manual data discovery processes to its AI-based data infrastructure that offers complete, accurate, and quick access to fundamental data for buy-side and sell-side financial institutions. Daloopa plans to use the new capital to innovate its algorithms, create new product solutions, and implement a go-to-market strategy, while also expanding into European and Asian markets. The firm, touted for disrupting the financial data space with AI, boasts a robust database recognized for speed and comprehensive coverage. Touring Capital appreciates Daloopa’s AI technology focus and market leadership, and Nexus Venture Partners is enthusiastic about the company’s impact on financial data reporting and analyst workflows. Highlighting hundreds of financial institution partnerships, Li is optimistic about Daloopa’s future growth prospects.

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