Behind the scenes of Rad AI’s major leap in healthcare AI with its $50M Series B funding, ARTIS Ventures stands tall, reflecting on its journey with the company since its early stages. With a $25M Series A lead by ARTIS in 2021, Rad AI quickly rose to prominence, emerging as a top AI firm focused on improving healthcare productivity and impacting patient lives. The company, lauded for pioneering commercial generative AI in healthcare, has seen rapid adoption with over one-third of US health systems integrating their technology, drastically cutting down the time physicians spend on reporting diagnostics. This technology not only enhances efficiency but also alleviates clinician burnout, ultimately enabling healthcare providers to prioritize patient care. The recent infusion by Khosla Ventures marks a continuation of Rad AI’s commendable trajectory, fortified by prestigious indu- stry recognitions – a testament to the transformative power of AI in radiology and healthcare at large. ARTIS Ventures, while welcoming the partnership with Vinod Khosla and his venture firm, looks forward to propelling Rad AI to even greater heights as an authority in the healthcare AI landscape.

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