LFM Capital, a private equity firm with a focus on lower middle market manufacturing and industrial services, has announced the establishment of Attach Acquisition HoldCo, LLC (‘AttachCo’). AttachCo is an entity that has been formed by combining three brands: CID Attachments, IronCraft, and Eterra, which manufacture agricultural implements and skid steer attachments. As part of this new formation, LFM Capital appointed Nancy Chamblee as the Chief Executive Officer of AttachCo. The appointment is indicative of LFM Capital’s commitment to strong leadership and strategic development in its investments. By choosing Nancy Chamblee, a seasoned professional in the industry, LFM signals its intention to drive growth and innovation within AttachCo. The combination of these three brands under a single holdco structure is intended to streamline operations and capitalize on synergies between the brands, each known for their distinct products in the agricultural and construction attachment market. LFM’s strategy often includes founding or strengthening platform companies, which may involve further acquisitions to bolster market positioning and operational capabilities. The announcement represents not only a significant step in the growth trajectory of AttachCo but also demonstrates LFM Capital’s ongoing involvement in value-creation strategies within its portfolio companies.

Private Equity, Manufacturing, Industrial Services,Nashville, TN, USA